Why would my ex-girlfriend flirt and even trying to have little digs at me when she has a new boyfriend?

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me after 8 months. That was about 7 weeks ago (doesn't love me anymore, I don't have the spark etc. All from being a perfect boyfriend). Looking back maybe I was too nice to her and she couldn't get used to it.

I stopped contacting her. Got my head in the right place and getting over her slowly.

She was quite jealous and insecure because of her past. She was controlling and possessive so at the end I couldn't handle it. I loved her though.

From last week she 'suddenly' started adding flirty and sometimes 'trying to put me down' comments on my Facebook updates (never on private message or text or phone call), everything public. I just found out that she got a new man in her life too.

Why would a woman do that - still try to seek my attention and/or mess with my head? I treated her well and loved her. I am trying to ignore all this but still trying to understand the logic.

Have you come across this before?


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  • This is familiarity. It's not malicious but it is annoying. It's just normal interaction with no definitive goal.


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