Emotional ex at a drug program?

Yesterday I went with one of my really good friends to go through a drug program she's really into drugs and they told her to bring someone she truly cares about. Since, her parents are out of the country because they are missionaries I decided to go with her. So, when I got there my ex from 5 years ago was there with his mother she looked horrible if I do say so. So I guess he was there for his mom. I only dated him for three months but it was a strong 3 months and we broke up due to the fact that I was having a lot of family medical problems. We went through a jail and talked to other drug users etc and then we went to a funeral home so the drug users could see what it was like to lose a loved one to drugs or how hard it would be to their family to lose them to drugs. So we all got in a casket (one at a time), behind glass so no one could come grab us out or take it back. Well, apparently my ex completely broke down saying how he loved me and I didn't deserve to die, I would never abuse drugs or even ever use them and how I'm to perfect to leave the world and how I was the best thing to ever happen, apparently he was trying to break into a door to get me out but all the while my friend was balling in tears. anyways, my question. how the hell does a guy that I haven't seen in 5 years and haven't talked to in 1 year (via Facebook) still have feelings for me? Are guys like girls they can hold onto feelings for a long time even when they don't talk to the person? I just found it weird he broke down over it after its been so long that we have been apart. So why would he still care? Also, on a side note I'm almost positive he hasn't had a gf since me at least it doesn't show signs of it anywhere and I may have been his first real relationship even though we didn't last that long


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  • The funny thing about breakups is that the end of the relationship is always unresolved for at least one person. Furthermore, the more time passes, the more the negative feelings and hurt over the end of the relationship goes away (especially for you because there was only really external things that caused the relationship to end)... so then when you see an ex, its very easy to be reminded of all the things you liked about them and have no memory of the negative aspects of the relationship.

    In the situation that you were in, this may have been particularly emotional due to the environment and mood around the activities when your ex saw you.

    Essentially what Im saying is, its not unusual to still have a spark with or feelings for your ex no matter how long has passed, and you were in a very emotional environment which would have made it easy for those emotions to be expressed


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