Ex is being a bitch. What is wrong with this girl?

So about three weeks ago I started dating this girl. She sweet kind and very friendly to people. Everything was great until my ex starts complaining about me dating this new girl. I found out that the girl I'm dating now is my ex's cousin. So now she has been bothering us talking about how I broke her heart when she was the one who dumped me for some guy last month who she dumped after a week and a half. Now prom is coming up and she won't leave me alone about how I promised to take her, but am taking her cousin instead. I feel the only reason she is complaining about prom is because she can't go because she a sophomore. What is her problem and how to I get her to stop? So far I have blocked her number and her friends
numbers when she tried calling from their phones. She has even insulted her our cousin right in front on me. Me and her cousin sitting in the cafeteria when she walked up and said " hey (my girlfriend's name) do want the leftovers from my lunch since you seem to like my ex some much."


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  • Honestly, I'd be pretty damn bugged if my ex went and dated my friend, let alone my cousin.
    And from the looks of it, your gf and your ex don't seem to be cousins who are on good terms. There could be insecurities and many issues ruining their relationship, which in turn is affecting yours (both with your ex and your girlfriend)

    Your best bet would be to ask your girlfriend to explain to your ex that you didn't know they were cousins and that your gf didn't know you and your ex dated.

    I don't even blame your ex for reActing the way she is; it's completely normal for girls to react in such a way.

    • I really don't see how it would what so ever. I mean I don't care if my past exes date other whether I dumped them or they dumped me. She clearly didn't care when she broke up with me, so it really don't make since to why she would care now.

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  • she's just a scorned lover. she messed up but she's not taking responsibility for it.

    I think just ignoring her will eventually get her to go away. you don't really want to address her or confront her. just let people know what really happened and let her ruin her own reputation by acting like an immature child


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  • You are dating HER COUSIN!!! She has a right to be upset. My cousins and I almost hate each other but we would never steal each others boyfriends.

    • Don't see how she stole me when my ex is the one who dumped me.

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    • So I can't date someone I like just because they're related to my ex or is friends with my ex? Wow that is stupid. First I didn't know at first. Second why should I limit my options for her?

    • Oh and when you say you don't date somebody's cousin you're basically saying almost all humans can't date because we're all probably somebody's cousin. You should have said don't date an ex's cousin.

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