Got dumped and now am getting weird mixed signals? Just need to know if this is the right thing or to let it go.

Hi, So I was dating a guy for 18 months, not long overall but we had a lot of plans together like holidays we were saving for and things. One night we were ok then a couple of hours later he broke up with me. I could see he hadn't planned this or anything and I begged him to change his mind but he didn't. So I started trying to get over it. On my birthday, bout 2 weeks later, he sent me a message just saying happy birthday. We spoke a tiny bit but not much, it was a nice gresture. He asked how I was doing and I was honest to a degree, said I had been better but not to worry as I will be ok in a while. Then he came out with some honest stuff such as he had to sort himself out before he could be with me, that he wishes he didn't have to do this, that he missed me and was destroying himself. I was honest back to him, but just said I can't wait and hang on forever for something that might not happen. He said I was not waiting for nothing. So I accept that no matter what I have to give it a bit of time apart, for both our sakes, but the silly little voice in my head won't stop hoping. I guess I'm just trying to see if anyone can offer an impartial opinion as all my friends are too close to me to. I know he suffers from depression and he had been having a pretty rough time, I also know I wasn't supportive enough and that is something I have to accept I handled badly. But is just the normal rubbish guys say to keep a girl hanging on? Or is just lost and confused? I'm not very good at stuff like this...


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  • Well If I ever break up with a girl I'd never look back. He has issues its not a trick to keep a girl hanging on either. If you are ready for more surprises in future go back to him. If not move on.


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