Breaking up by fading away...?

Is there a way to avoid this? It seems girls always use this technique on me. I tell girls straight up if I am cutting things off with them. I hate it getting dragged out.

Do girls use this technique on a certain type of guy? I am trying to figure out if there is something I can do to avoid this method.


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  • Yes. Tell her exactly where you stand on the relationship. If you don't want it dragged out be as direct as possible. If you don't want to remain friends say it. Can't go wrong with that method ;)

    • Thanks. That is what I did. She wasn't fading away. But it did come out that she was emotionally satisfied elsewhere and just wanted to be friends with benefits. She is divorced and can't get control of those emotions yet. She has what she needs from her family and can't be there for someone else. She didn't want it to end but I told her I had to walk away. Kinda sucks.

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    • We met about a month ago. She said she wanted something in between friends with benefits and a relationship. She works and doesn't have much time. It was ok to me. I can detach emotions from sex but she also wants to go on dates and cuddle. That makes it hard to keep things separate. She said she doesn't think she can handle trying to meet someone else's needs, she can only take care of her own. Kinda selfish but honest, it just seems like she wants friends with benefits and no more. On her terms to boot. She said she doesn't want to compromise, commit, or have to use any patience required for a relationship. I wanted something closer to a relationship that was light and didn't have serious expectations on a daily, short, or long term.

      I didn't say I never wanted to talk again. I said I don't think we want the same things. She didn't want things to end, she also wasn't willing to try and meet any of my needs. We might be getting together to talk next week sometime.

    • Good luck! Keep in mind in my opinion most women can't separate emotions and sex. If she just divorced then she's correct in needing the time to heal her wounds. Not selfish but hard to twist into a friend and friends with benefits idea. Anyway gl, post how your meet up goes ;)

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  • If you've only been out a handful of times then this is expected and most common way to end things. Don't take it personally


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