How do I break up with this girl?

I've been going out with this girl for a about a month and she's really into me. I have given her her first kiss. I feel as if she's suffocating me. My life is pretty busy with schoolwork and home life and I just can't really find time for a relationship. If anything its bringing me down. Also my parents would kill me if they found of if I was dating ( They're extremely strict) I'd still like to be friends with her but I just don't want to go out with her.

Can someone give me some advice of how I can let her go easy?

(I have already tried working out the relationship, it hasn't worked and I need to break up with her soon)


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  • i think you should just straight out talk to her but dont:
    - say it over text
    - say that its not you its me :P
    - make her feel that u got tired of her
    - lie about it just explain ur situation as u did in ur question


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  • spend less time with her before hand so that she can anticipate that you will break up with her and maybe mention early on that your parents don't want you to date and you feel strained.

  • you need to be honest with her and tell her after the break up you would still like to be friends and you'll be there for her when she needs you but you realized you are not ready for a relationship and your schedule is too busy right now.

  • Tell her what you told us. Honesty is the best way. However, don't pressure her to be your friend. Give her time.


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