Is my ex boyfriend still interested?

When me and my ex were going out it was great, we flirted a lot always making eye contact, teasing, holding hands etc .

We broke up over him thinking I was flirting over some other guy I never really knew. We broke up over text and he called me a 'fat fuck' and 'couldn't care less about a girl' I tried to be mature about it at the time.

The next day it was school, when I saw him all he did was stare at me. Through all of our lessons he would stare at me in a kind of longing way. He doesn't come over anymore at lunch or any of that. Yet he tries to touch me eg: we were in the library looking at te book fair (we had to cuz of our English teacher) and he would keep standing in front or behind me and touch his shoulder on mine. He also does anything like tap on the table and look at me to get my attention.

We didn't speak for about a week. Until today when I was sitting next to one of his friends and we were kind of flirting and my ex tried to butt in.

Do you think my ex is still interested?
He's started emerging from the football cages from school now and he comes close to me and were my friends are, And is always looking over


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  • Yes he still likes you but he called you a fat fuck!!! He is not treating you very well.


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