Does she have any feelings or is she using me?

So I have this friend and we have known each other for about three years now. We have been really good friends, she shares almost everything with me, even more than her own family.
About two and a half years ago I expressed feelings for her and she turned me down but we stayed friends. Then couple of months later she expressed feelings for me and we started a relationship although we agreed that it was not going to be sexual at that point. you can say we were emotionally well involved but not sexually for the next couple of months. Then one day she asked me if Id kiss her if she asked me to. I told her no since we agreed to nothing physical.
A couple of months passed by when I got accepted to a overseas college and hence had to leave. She was having her doubts and we started getting into lots of fights. She didn't ask me to stay directly but I knew thats what she wanted to say. We got into a huge fight one day and I told her it was over between us.
She got pretty pissed and we didn't talk for a while but after a month or so we became friends again. Few months later she expressed feelings for me again and I told her it would not work if she wasn't willing to have a long distance thing. She agreed to it then and hence we got emotionally involved again.
Then I left for my college and we still kept talking over net/chat but she grew distant. She also got into an overseas school and after moving there she told me she wanted things to end between us. She also remained extremely cold with me for then next four months so I completely removed her from my life as much as I could. (blocking on Facebook etc).
A month later she contacted me on email and apologized but said she just didn't want any relationship. She wanted to be friends as I am the person she trusts the most (even more than her own family and best girl friends). Now we are friends but I think I still have feelings for her. It is hard to be her friend knowing she might not feel the same.
What should I do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Seems like she's getting hot and cold in relt'p which indicates she's unsure of you. She ends the relt'p and now she wants you to have her as friend.
    If you are the person she trusts the most, why she was having her doubts when you went overseas? there is no trust if there is doubts and specially fights just because of that.
    It's so hard to be in situation where you are just friends when you have feelings for her and she doesn't. You will just suffer. If you want to get hurt, go ahead and be friends with her. If you love yourself enough, leave her and move on. A better girl will come to you or you will find better one than her.


What Guys Said 1

  • leave her I've been through this and I got to tell you (just friends) while you have feelings is pretty much hell on earth so I'd say get her out of your life it's hard at first but sooner you'll get used to it


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