Pissed off! Should I cut him out?

Long story short. This guy I really like asked me out and would joke about marrying me, always seemed interested, would say "I love you" a lot to me, etc. I was willing to go out with him, but him and this other girl Ashley acted like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He has her as his "Woman Crush Wednesday" on Instagram, and even my one guy friend said they have been dating. He has some pics of her on his Fb and Instagram.

Also, he even said to me awhile back that he was onto something good and he felt like they were going to lead to dating and then when I would ask "are you guys dating?" he would always reply "No" He always denied it to me. Even one time when me and him went to a store and he said "So was this our first date?" I said "No, you have girlfriend, Ashley!" He got all silent and didn't say anything.

They also constantly defriend and befriend each other on FB. He recently defriended her and this other girl who we all know, her name is Danielle, posted a quote and he said underneath it "Ashley's quote for sure!" Dani said "Don't start" He said "Not starting anything at all!" She said "You never know with you two!" He said "We don't even talk. Sucks bad. I miss her more than anything, but whatever I gotta go to sleep goodnight lol"

It pisses me off that he misses her, but yet it seems like he doesn't miss me at all. he only has seen me like 3 times in the last 4 months. he still flirts with me and I am just sick of it! He seems to put her on top priority when she hasn't done anything that I have done for him. I helped him out emotionally and helped him when in need. He also gets extremely jealous of others guys to the point sometimes he'll scare them away. He even said "You're my girl" one time, so then why does he get jealous if he has Ashley? Why does it matter? Should I just cut him out? Any thoughts? Please share! Thank you for reading!


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  • Seems to me like they are just "seeing" each other, but not in a commitment. I feel that he wants the same from you, but you're his back up.
    My suggestion? If you're into this guy, then don't have any hopes for a relationship - just casually date and enjoy the romance if you're that type.
    If you're not into this guy, or you only want a relationship and nothing casual, doesn't hurt to cut him off.

    • Yeah, you're right! Yeah, I don't think I would be open to commitment from him. I am the type though that doesn't get into relationships, but I love and care a lot about him that I don't think I would be ok with being friends with benefits 's or a "side girl" lol. But I think you're right, and thanks a ton, my friend! lol! :)

    • Ooops, I mean I think I would be open for commitment.

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  • I would be pissed too. Personally, if I had a girl doing that to me, even if I really liked her and gave her a lot of room to mess with me, at some point, enough is enough. I would ask to talk to her f2f and tell her Im not going to be played with anymore, period! If you are interested, tell me now and lets get started! If you just like to play with me then F**K OFF and don't ever talk to me again. Its rare for me to be that way even when I am really pissed but games to me are one of the cruelest things you can do to someone and I have no tolerance for it. Game playing is one of the things I despise about dating. It seems 90% of girls, that's all they want to do. I guess they are attention whores.

    • Yeah, it's bullshit. Especially when you have proven that you are a great friend and willing to help out whenever you can and be there for that person cause you care so much about them. I am just saddened that I pretty don't matter, or I matter very little to him. It's just so fucked up to play head games, I agree! I just think I will cut him out and not even talk to him face to face about it. I think I will just cut him and not give him explanation, cause he is not giving me an explanation on what he wants out of me, and he's not telling me that he is in a relationship. If he would just tell me "Hey, i'm in a relationship with Ashley" Then I would just accept it, and not really be mad about it. But it's just the fact that he is hiding it from me, and he won't admit it, and he still kinda flirts with me, and it pisses me off, cause it shows he is a very dishonest person, when I have been nothing but honest towards him. Thank you for commenting! I appreciate it a lot! :)

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    • Yeah...I will just have to get through it somehow! Thanks!!! :)

    • You are welcome :)

  • They're ONLY friends. What's the big deal.

    • LOL! They're not only friends! It's a bullshit lie, they're dating! You can clearly tell, they act like boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyways my one guy friend said that they have been dating, so it pretty much sums it up, haha. Thank you for commenting! :)

  • Cut him he is weird

    • Yeah I agree with you, my friend! It just hurts though, cause I kinda fell for him, and I don't really fall for guys, thus why I have so many guy friends. I am not the relationship type and I fall for a real weirdo that likes to play head games with me, haha. Ugh...I guess I will just have to be depressed and do what I have to do. Thank you for commenting!

  • Why would any man want to get married? He gets nothing out of it but a ring, title. And a chance to loose all his belongings, get chained to child support and lose out on his dreams.

    • LMAO! True that, brotha! lol! But this has nothing to do with my question, my friend, haha. But I getcha, I getcha! lol.

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