Should I seek closure from her or not?

I was with this girl in a very awkward relationship for a very long time. We were close enough friends that people who didn't know us personally would always think that we were dating because of how close we were. Looking back at it we pretty much were but both of us were too afraid to call on the other and just say to each other that we're dating. We had a huge fight and she thinks that we aren't healthy for each other, this is before I started to send her hate mail. I know that sending her hate mail proves her right, but I've tried every thing. I've shut her completely out of my life. I'm telling myself she's ugly, stupid, mean...she's not though. I keep telling myself I hate her, but I still love her. I even defend her from myself saying the way she treated me made me into this terrible terrible person to her, instead of sticking to that I just say I'm crazy, psycho, and obsessed.

Every single day that this has been on my mind, I can't help but want to know why things between us mutated to this ugly relationship we had. I know why it happened but isn't hearing it easier to let go than knowing it? Should I get her side or just keep trying to move on know if she sees everything differently?
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  • If it is bothering you that much, you should. But there is a chance that you won't be convinced or fully satisfied.


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