So my bf tried to cheat on me while drunk the girl knew he was with me and he was at school drunk ! what do i do? limit the drinking cause i think th?

This girl goes to his school and he asked her if he wanted him to kiss her and she replied no because she knew he was with me ;/ this barely started to happen what do i do he only acts different when he drinks...
please guys anything helps


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  • I would say if he's only that stupid when drunk then tell him to quite drinking too much or you quite him ;)
    I would think that's your best option
    I also know from myself thay when im drunk i will kiss/fu** any girl so i simply stop drinking in a relationship to keep it possible
    If he truly cares about you and this only happens when he's drunk then he will quite drinking for you


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  • It's only going to get worse, I'm afraid. If he's young and doing dumb things while he's drunk, he's going to continue doing stupid things, maybe worse as the drinking progresses and he gets older. The fact he can't control what he's doing says it all. He's hurt you, and if he doesn't stop drinking or recognize what he's done is wrong no matter if he was drunk or sober means you don't have to continue with this problem anymore. It's one thing to be apart and be supportive if he tries to get help, but you are in for a world of more hurt if you continue this. Unless you are interested in being victimized, you are setting yourself up for a real bomb to drop one day, and it won't be a kiss, it will be sex with someone else, or violence. If he stops this, and makes it up to you, then maybe work on it from there, but this almost-cheating is enough to give you red flags, isn't it?


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  • dump his sorry ass.because its only a matter of time before he does something incredibly stupid while drunk



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  • @Majesticblooms If you have respect for yourself, dump him. Don't be that girl who puts up with a cheating guy. Intoxicated or not, a part of him wanted to kiss her. At the end of the day its your life, so do whats best for you.



  • he can't use drinking as an excuse to want to cheat. if you accept that they will continue to drink and cheat or cheat for any other reason that comes to mind. put your foot down and give him limits of what you will and won't put up with. make it clear to him so their is no guess work. if he refuses to listen or refuses to give up the drinking then its time to move on. if you don't trust him then just move on.

    • yeah i know that he can't use it as in excuse.. i hate him for it but i do love him.. i am not blinded by love this is his last chance anyway and he said he would stop drinking i hope he does thank you

    • welcome. does he have a drinking problem? I only ask that because I myself am a recovered alcoholic and if he has a drinking problem I can tell you from experience it takes a long time to stop drinking. I wouldn't want you to think that its something that can happen over night, but its just one of things that doesn't happen over night. Also you should question why was he even thinking about cheating on you? I am not here to judge, but to give advice.

    • yeah this girl is so ugly anyway i am never insecure about myself i swing both ways and i know what i am talking about n well yeah it has barely started where he starts to drink regularly ha he said he is quitting I don't know man i love him

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