i think girl that I like has moved away?

I haven't seen anything of her in a while around town , she was at university and I though she might come back for the summer but it doesn't look like she is. I haven't seen any sign of her car at parents house and haven't seen her around town either. young people seem to like move away from this area and my guess is she's staying at university city where she goes to school or something like that well I don't really know what she is doing but no sign of her around this town anymore. it pretty much ends any hope I had of us getting in a relationship or even being friends if she is not around , I did see a lot of her last year so be hard to not see anything of her if she's really moved on.

I guess my question is should I just like forget about her for time being or is there any point in asking her what she is up to? if she's not even nearby , I don't get the feeling she is the kind of girl who is looking for pen pals , more seems to be friends with people around her at present time


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  • If you have her Facebook or phone number ask here where she is at and if she is far away it might be better that you find somebody closer to home.


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