Should I confront my now ex on not being over his "ex" before me?

While me and my now ex were dating, I was convinced that he wasn't over his "ex" before me (they weren't official but they had history according to him). They remained friends then they got into a fight and he cut of all contact with her. When he told me, he seemed kind of bitter and was like "ugh I don't like her". At the end he was like I'm going to stop, I don't care anymore. But you could tell he still did. She has tried contacting him again but he has been ignored her. It's been nine months and he still hasn't talked to her. He has brought her up in conversations before but he never brought her name up but I know he was talking about her. We went on spring break with a roommate who the roommate couldn't stand the "Ex". Every time she brought up her roommates (though she was talking negatively), he would perk up to see what she was saying. When he was next to her in the car once, I saw he kept peeking at her phone probably to see if she was talking to her. Then just things I've caught, I have glanced at his phone many times like he does with me and a few times, he would be creeping on his "Ex" on Instagram or Facebook. They aren't friends on either site though she follows him on Instagram. I saw he subtweeted back in September (not sure if it was her) how he'd love to have a conversation with somebody but he deleted it but I saw it and never said anything. We were dating then so I know it wasn't me and why would a guy subtweet about another guy?

I should have said something to him about all of these things then, but should I now? It's bothering me a lot and we broke up a week and a half ago. We are still great friends though and he talks to me all the time though I really don't know why he broke up with me if he is still initiating all of this contact with me.


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