How can someone not file divorce?

How can someone leave a marriage and not file divorce? How can someone be so cruel to let the other party file? Call me old fashion but I was raised whomever walked away from marriage is the one that should do the paperwork. I been separated for almost a year and don't even speak to my estranged H but now leaning to file myself since he hasn't . He stays with his parents and I have my own place and bills and 2 kids (not his) so you would think he could least do the right thing and just file the divorce and spend 300 to do it. Can someone explain to me how someone can not only be so cruel to leave a marriage but not file divorce? It's like I married a monster.


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  • How is that some special cruelty?

    • Ok, your cold hearted too. I guess y'all stick up for one another lol

    • I've taken classes on family law... separation doesn't seem like special cruelty. In divorce cases people can easily make false abuse claims against each other, have the other subject to interrogatories and depositions, and lots of horrid stuff. Who knows, maybe he hoped things could be patched up. Separation doesn't seem to be high on the list of nasty things people do in marriage/divorce...

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  • Clearly he is not.. Forget the bastard and stop counting on him. Do it yourself and start a chapter in your life. The sooner the better.


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