My ex boyfriend of 8months blocked me out his life and Ii seriously dont know why? Why is he REALLY doing this? I didn't do nothing to him? :(?

My ex recently blocked me from Instagram and Facebook and I seriously dont know why. We broke up almost 2months ago (Mar 7th) plus we were in a long distance relationship. He's the one that broke up with me 1st cause my mother kept interferring with my life and us together, but that's another story. Anyways after the breakup he kept txting me 1st and the convos was pretty friendly and playful (I thought he was just being nice) However Ii wasn't fully over him, cause I still carry a torch for him and that he's still in my heart <3 I talked to my BFF about it and she said that I should tell him how I really feel and what's in my heart, but I was afraid that he would reject me by saying that he doesn't feel the same way (I've been dwn this road before). After awhile, things gotten a little rocky between us after my frnd text him asking?'s about us *w/o my knowledge* and totally got mad at me cause he felt that I put her up to it. After I confronted her about it, I talked to him and apologized for her actions and told him that I had NOTHING to do wit it and tld him how I felt but he straight rejected me saying it's too late for all of that and said I waited too long then told me that he doesn't want a relationship right now and wanted to be friends. We spoke on Easter Sunday on KIK messenger and the convo was okay but short. We tlked about me joining a modeling program/school in New York and that Im prob going to be gone a whole yr. He took too long to respond after I said that I was going to be gone an whole yr but said well it's something you always wanted to do and it should be fun. Then he blocks me off of FB and IG a week later ( I have the unfollow app) and I seriously dk why? And Im highly confused. Any opinions? No rude/mean comments pls. We're both 20 by the way. Thanks <3


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  • First of all, very sorry to hear that ms.It will definitely take time for you to move on. Being said that its just been 2 months, it is too soon for your emotions to fade out. He has lost interest on you and i would suggest you to not think anymore or analyze on what he does. you guys are not on the same page anymore. Also i can realize that how much you still love him but he doesn't deserve it. There are a lot of great guys out there who can value your affection and trust. Moreover, you are just on your 20's and there is a long way to go.

    *Be with your friends & relax yourself, go on a tour, step into something challenging for you in life.
    *Be strong and build yourself & gain your self-esteem & self-confidence.

    Believe me, then you will be in a whole different another level!


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  • First, having a long distance relationship is always hard to manage.

    Second, its seems as though many people in your personal life are interfering with your relationships. That could be a problem in the future.

    Tell your Mom and your friends to stay OUT of your relationships.

    • Could be...but my friend told me that he still loves but he felt that I didn't care anymore cause I didn't text him 1st and was mad that he always had to do it >_> I honestly thought that he was just being friendly.. but I guess he was trying to work things out and I totally missed the signs that he was giving me. I just dont understand can this same guy who ALWAYS told me that I was everything/his world and that he wanted a future with me to absolutely NOTHING </3 it hurts. He also told me that if anything ever happened between us he was never going to date again, but I think he was just saying that so I wouldn't feel bad </3

    • Young love is fleeting. Boyfriends/Girlfriends are here today, gone tomorrow. I'm not 21 yet, but I feel that at this point in my life, love is a waste of time. I'm focused on getting an education, and a good job. Love can wait.

  • Any advice? ok in my opinion talking from someone who's been where you are, knowing now what i didn't know then, its this: long distance relationships don't work in the end, they never last and whats happening now is a good thing, it may not seem like it but use this as an opportunity to move on with your life, your young, you have the rest of your life ahead of you, I may be sounding like an old man but your going away even farther next year when you go to that school in NewYork, let me put it this way, people have there own lives that is always going on, relationships don't work when the two people can never meet up in person, can never hangout or do anything other then talk over the phone. Take this as an opportunity to move on. I hope this helps you azalea.

  • He dosent want any reminder of you that's why

    • What do you mean..

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    • Is that really his reason? He always told me that I was his everything. Even when he broke up with me in a message he said that he loves me

    • Yup 100 percent he loves you to much and dosent want to be reminded of you

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  • because he doesn't want to talk to you, you are his EX

    • Maybe true, BUT that day when my friend had talked to him he told her that he still loved me but felt that I stopped caring cause I never text him 1st. Plus he got mad at me that I wasn't there for him when he fell off a ladder and messed up his arm and said I wasn't there when he needed me

    • 8 MONTHS its time to move on

    • We were TOGETHER for 8 MONTHS.We BROKE UP in MARCH

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