He's acting suspicious in my eyes and I herd his random questions before.?

Long story short my man requested to make breakfast and I asked him if I can make a couple phone calls on his cell phone.I wanted to use his phone because I wanted to define the numbers I didn't answer on my phone.I wanted to see if it was Wyo Tech college that keeps calling me cause I'm on their list and I wanted to block them on my phone.He said sure and I grabbed the phone and started walking towards the livening room to sit on the couch. I stopped in the hall way before I went into the livening room to dial the number and he couldn't see me. As I then slowly walked to the livening rooming couch, he comes out of the kitchen and asked "baby do you know anyone who wants a leather jacket"? and goes to the love seat and shows me the leather jacket. I looked at the jacket said "no". He said "ok" and walked back in the kitchen. I'm saying random in my head and then thought (its raggedy why would I know somebody that wants it) anyway so I make my first call (it was Wyo Tech) and I get up to go in the kitchen. I then stop in the hallway again and make my 2nd call to test him and see if he is going to ask me another random question because he wants to see if I'm really making calls and not browsing through his phone I assume. He comes over with a plate in his hand and offered me some of the side dish that's done. I said no thanks I'll wait till everything is done while I'm listening to the phone ring. Then I give him back his phone.


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  • I think he didn't want you snooping through his phone. That is what it seems like to me by interupting you before making your calls and checking up on you seems like he was seeing what you was doing. But I think if he really had anything to hide then he wouldn't had let you use his phone to make the phone calls. I think it depends on how long you guys been together before you start swapping phones and knowing each other's email passworwd's, etc?


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