Can I tell my ex those feelings?

My ex of 1 year broke up with me last November. After 3 months, he added me on Facebook (i deleted him after a week of the breakup). he wanted to be "even friends". I agreed. We talk through Facebook or phones, sometimes video calls. Sometimes he remembers us and flirts with me. *I want to let u know too that we were good friends before the relationship*. 2 weeks ago, I opened a multiplayer game he knows I don't open anymore. I found that he is in a relationship. He never told about that; sometimes I feel that he knows that I still like him. I faked an account and talked with the girl. she knows him 4 weeks ago but they are together for 2 weeks now. (my calculation since I talked to her 2w ago). She is also from a different country and 15 years old. my ex and I are 17. If we are friends, why doesn't he tell me? I'm still in love though. :'( and I can't understand or even understand if his relation with her is serious. some people on GAG told me to stop talking to him, stop being jealous, don't be a homewrecker, delete him.. etc . It is extremely hard because he is the closest person to me. I want to let go of my feeling and tell him and ask him questions like -why u didn't tell me and tell him that I know about her..I want to do this if I'm going to stop talking with him :'( I just don't know if I'm right or wrong..there can be other solutions so I can be with him again...anyhelp :'(


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  • I would delete him And move on. If he asks say you know he's in relationship an your not ready to be friends and might never be. But I would just move on because chances of him wanting to try again are slim especially since he's with someone new. Good luck

  • I would try to get him back. They've only been together for 2 weeks - it's not serious.

    • Oh I'm bewildered now between u and the comment below xP

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    • how :'( what can I do when he already flirts with me and talk to me daily? and still got a gf that he keeps her a secret.

    • If he won't leave her then dump him.

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