Is it totally and 100% over? I don't think I can ever love again honestly.?

We've been on and off for almost 3 years. Our relationship is special. We fell in love on the first date and were inseparable since. We were both each other's first love and only love (so far). We both have intensely cried over each other and broke up over the things that pained us. We brought out the best and the worst each other (his own words). He is my perfect mirror and I think he's the one. With that being said, we really can HURT one another because of all this love we have for each other. Last time we broke up for a long time, it lasted a year and he got into a rebound relationship and took off to Europe to be with her. It KILLED me. I thought he'd never come back but he did in September. He told me he never moved on from me and we got back together the first night he came back to see me. But because of that year that we separated, we both had gone through an intense amount of growth. We just couldn't fit each other into our idea of what "love" should be. He was jealous of the guys I had been with, I was jealous of the girl he got into the rebound with. We started fighting again. I ended up hitting him repeatedly, to the point where he threatened to call the cops. It was awful. I've never been violent before. I tried apologizing but he said I shouldn't talk to him anymore. I got on Facebook.. He blocked me. He got into another relationship. I messaged him on my friends account saying "Can I please talk to you about something serious?" and this is what he said, "Tell me (my name). I'm so done with bothering with you. I'm so happy to have you out of my life. Tell me what's going on so I can just block your friend and be done here." and I went on and on about how much I loved him and he said "Let's just end it there." It hurt. I want him back but I don't know what to do. I HAVE tried moving on with several different guys (hot guys too that were extremely nice and funny) but it just wasn't the same. They don't make me feel the way THIS guy does.


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  • I think you just gotta accept that this is over (and for the best, I think) and just move on.

    Sure, it sucks, and sure, it hurts like hell. But you'll move past it and be better off for it. Just use it as a tool for growth and change.

    As for never finding love again, I can tell you with total confidence that you absolutely can. You just aren't able to see it right now. I don't want to discredit your feeling simply because of your age (I really don't feel at ALL like they're invalid, by the way), but you're so'll meet someone better suited for you down the road. Just heal from this and have faith.


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  • fuck your first love. your second love is far more important, because they will be the one that teaches you that you can and will love again.

  • Yes, it is completely over. He has got with someone else and doesn't want to talk to you.
    Oh and repeatedly hitting someone will never solve anything.


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