Girls, what do you mean when you say you need "time"?

Me and this girl were dating for about 3 months. About 2 months in, I fucked up and went to boyschool. I told her by the time I got out I'd be a changed man, and she said she'd wait. A week before i come home, she tells me she needs "time"
So I give her time and don't talk to her, so she gets shitty. Is it fair she's out there soul searching? While she's keeping me in her backup plan?


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  • Asking for time, or telling someone one needs time is a polite way of saying things won't change. One more way of someone trying to be nice while moving on. You should take your own "time" too if this is the case. :)

  • exactly that we just need time to think and process it through.. what do u guys mean when u say ur not ready for a relationship.just like that girls need time to fiigure things out :)

  • here it is:when a girl says she need time it means that she don't give a fuck!


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