Why Would My Ex Share Or Ask For Info When We Don't Even Talk Like That?

I'm a little confuse right now. Just an hour ago- my ex/friend asked me if I had missed my period. Other times he would ask me straight out if I'm pregnant. So long story story short my ex and I ended up having sex 2-3 weeks or day's ago. And we didn't use any protection most of the times if we do have sex we usually do. I mean he did tell me many of times that he don't want any kids he's not ready. Then on top of that he tells me that he finally moved into his new place. I mean me and my ex don't talk like we use to and he don't share a lot of things with me. So any idea- like asking me about my period. I thought to myself maybe he is having sex with someone else and want to make sure I'm not pregnant. Or maybe he is thinking about doing it again with me but using protection next time if it happen. Or maybe just asking. And the whole telling me he moved. I said maybe he may ask me to come over some day or maybe he was just letting me know since we lasted talk about it or maybe just him begin happy and decided to come to me. He did seem happy tho :). But anyways- the reason why I say why would he ask me this things or tell me. Is because he always have a reason behind it. And then again it may not be nothing at all.. But do you guy's think? I'm lost.


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  • i think that u should straight out talk to him about it..rather then venting over it :)

    • Yes I know- I should. I mean I did ask him why would he think I missed my period. And he says that he is just begin Cautions. And I said back to him don't worry! if that was the case then I'll be having some signs that I'm pregnant or not begin myself. And I said the only time a girl can really get pregnant if she's not using protection or if the guy you know cums in her. And he give me this off the wall look and was like yea what we did was not protecting are self. And I'm like thinking to myself damn! I'm not that stupid enough to even want a baby.

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    • yeah you should :) and lemme know if it works out :) glad i could be some help to you :)

    • Ok will do :)

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