People you just can't get away from or break up with?

Why are some people just so unforgettable? He treated me like crap, but I still miss him. It's like my idealized image of him is what I miss-his rare good moments captivated me and that's what I miss about him. It's like his good moments were so amazing that they outweighed all the bad ones, which there were more of. Ah. Why does this happen to me?

Have you ever had that person you could never forget?


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  • I think we tend to want to remember good things in our lives and about people. like you said the good moments may have been rare but the they were good nonetheless and those moments stick with you as a sort 'what might have been' reminder.

    I think these things really stick with you forever. the memories may become less clear, or occur less often but you tend to never forget things that made such indelible marks on your life


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  • I don't think you actually miss him.
    As you said he is "Unforgettable" and you like your idealized image of him.

    That is exactly what happens. Your not really missing him your missing the picture in your head where he is perfect.

    But yes i also won't just forget the girls i loved as i loved the for a reason. I am over them though the ones i broke contact with a now just nice memories.


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  • It's that mentality of knowing someone doesn't care about you makes you want them more. If they treated you good and you knew they really cared about you then they wouldn't be so appealing. It's weird how the human mind works. I've trained my mind now if someone treats me like crap I become hostile to them and beat it in me to forget them.

  • i remember them but i don't remember the feelings i have for them anymore...


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