How can I contact my ex to see if He's okay?

I know it sounds so silly. If you want details are in my previous question. We kinda had a mutual break up after 5 years. his parents got divorced and he thinks he can never love or commit again. I don't want to contact him for purposes of getting back together but I miss his friendship (we were friends for 3 years before being together) and I'm genuinely worried about him. What can I say in a text that won't make him think the worst but still let him know I care and I'm worried?
P.S.: We haven't talked since the break up 5 days ago and I was planning to do 2 weeks of no contact.
P.S.S. Maybe give me a draft of what the ext should say? Please and Thank you!
I contacted but he did not respond


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  • Just ask if he's ok but I'm sure you know he is. Now if it's been months since y'all talked then it'll be more different approach of figuring out what to say. But just ask how he's doin! I'm sure he's fine though but If you wanna show that you still care go for it! :-)


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