Have you ever written an email to someone you had recently dated for the your own closure? Did you get a response? Did it make you feel better?

Has anyone ever written a positive letter to an ex purely for closure for themselves a month or longer after the break-up?

I was seeing a guy long distance. I really liked him. We had a great connection, but we weren't too serious and still trying to figure things out when he let me know the distance was too much and he actually was going to try again with an old girlfriend. I said that it was a bummer for me, I wished him luck, and told him she was a lucky girl because he was was such an amazing guy.

I never got a response, but I didn't ask or expect one. I've been thinking about him lately and some fears about relationships he had confided in me. Things like being cheated on and taken for granted. My intention was to talk to him about those fears when we next saw each other, but I never got that chance.

I was thinking about sending him an email now about how I hope he has found everything he's looking for in his ex, and that before, despite the distance I was trying to show him that there really are loyal women and selfless women out there (what he was afraid he would never find).

It's more for my closure than anything else. It give me peace to know that he knows I was trying to show him that he doesn't have to be scared of being hurt.

Has anyone ever done something like that? Do you know if he appreciated that, or if he didn't even care enough that he just laughed at it?

What gives me peace of mind is that I've created a positive presence in his life...not that he thinks I'm crazy.


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  • I sometimes send my ex girlfriends an email a few weeks to a few months after, usually a reflection of the whole thing, the lessons to be learned, the joys and regrets... Usually pretty neutral. I never got a negative response, but I did get a few positive ones. It made me feel better to just give a honest reflection. More closure.

    Not sure how guys would react to that. I'd appreciate an honest, explanatory email after. I guess a positive email is always welcome? I don't see why not really.


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