How to deal with ex girlfriend?

My exgirlfriend texts me about every month to hook up again. Now we live in two different places she called me up and wanted me to come see her. I drove two and a half to see her and we have fun and we spend the next day together and than she deletes me off of her Facebook and saids she wants to keep in touch. I really care for this girl and she told me how much she likes me. Its just hard on me trying to convince her to keep a relationship what should I do?


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  • I think the only way you'll work things out with her is if you're honest about how you feel. To me it sounds like the feeling isn't mutual since she deleted you and you're the one making the effort to see her and not vice versa. Tell her how much fun you've had with her and how it feels nice to be close to her again and see how she responds.


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  • Tell her honestly how you feel that you want a relationship with her. If she's not on the same page and you can't stand the thought of being friends with her than maybe you have to distance yourself from her for awhile and cease contact.

    answer mine please xx

  • If she doesn't want a relationship with you, then find someone else who DOES. You shouldn't have to convince someone to be with you.Period.


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