Going in a group to prom with ex-girlfriend. Is there something more?

So my ex and I broke up a while ago, but have remained friends ever since. I used to see her often at my work, and at sometimes at school. When I got reassigned at work, I didn't see her often at all. We went from talking almost daily to almost never, because our paths never crossed. So when the opportunity came up for a reassignment, she tried hard to have me reassigned to a shift where I would see her (which I don't mind). My first day after being reassigned, she brought up prom, which is next weekend. When she found out that I was going with someone, as friends, she was like "oh, we should totally go in a group to prom, because I'm going with so-n-so as friends". I agreed, not really thinking.
At school, she has started to randomly run into me, and she is talking/texting me more than she used to. (She is acting the same way a few months ago when her friends told me they think she likes me). I'm just wondering if there might be something I'm not seeing, or if I am just over thinking it. I hope everything here makes sense.
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  • Sounds like she sees you too getting back together. If you don't you should clear this up quickly.


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