Why do guys say "I'll probably regret this, but..." when they break up with you? Why add that line instead of just saying the reason?

I was dating a guy long distance for a few months and before it got too serious, he said that he wanted to try with someone else closer to where he lives. But why didn't he just say "I met someone else" or "I think the distance is too hard" and leave it at that?

Instead, he said he feels he owes this other girl to give it a try, and that it makes more sense because she's closer. He ended with "You've been amazing and I'll probably regret it, but the distance seems too much."

Why tell me he thinks he's going to regret breaking it off with me?


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  • When a guy says this, prepare to get your heart shattered. They don't want to hurt you, that's why they say it.

    • So you don't think he will regret it? It hurts more to make me believe he cared enough that he will regret it when that's not true as opposed to just being honest and saying he would like to try with someone closer because the distance is hard. Otherwise it gives me hope (however small) that if it doesn't work out with this girl, that he would contact me again. Which only serves to make moving on harder.

    • If he has a conscience, he will regret it.

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  • LDR's are damn near impossible. He's just saying "Hey, no hard feelings but this isn't working for me."

    • Unfortunately he will have LDRs no matter who he dates for the next 10 years because he is military and deployed 4-6 months at a time. So you don't think he may actually regret it later on and want to contact me? That's not to say I would take him back.

    • It's hard to tell. He may only be looking for short term stuff. Plenty of people date knowing they'll break up with someone after a while.

      I wouldn't wait around for him. Get out and find someone new. Don't turn a couple month's emotional investment into a something that keeps you from meeting the right guy.

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  • Because he didn't think you could handle the rejection

    • Why does he care? We don't live in the same state. And he's deployed right now, so we're not even in the same country. Not that I would do this, but the worst I could do is send an email "begging" him to reconsider and telling him all the reasons I think we could work. He could just ignore or delete anything I send.

    • Yeah, dont do things you wish you hadn't , since we males can't accept rejection we think you females can't either

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  • Just to soften the blow I think. I mean, why else say that? A person saying "I won't regret this" has a bigger chance regretting it then someone who said they'd "probably regret it. " Just forget him and if he does happen to try an sniff his way around you again in future then tell him to shoe it :-)


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