Was he cheating on me with this other girl? Or am I just overreacting and being creepy?

So I notice my boyfriend been posting pictures of a girl on ig calling her beautiful, hot, and perfect. I didn't say anything cause well it's just a girl. Anyways that was two days ago. Today he starts texting me saying ,"he loves me and misses me." (My phone got cut off cause my bill is 500 dollars) so I rarely talk to him. Plus he lives like 10 miles away from me, so I hardly see him. Then out of no where he says,"why don't you just end it. We hardly talk" I got confused we talked and we're no longer dating. Now I'm wondering if the girl he kept pictures about on ig is the girl he wants to date now. Or am I going crazy and should just move on.


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  • he's only 10 miles away and you never see him? You know that's like a 15-20 minute drive right? Plus you never talk. This relationship didn't seem very relationship-y at all.

    • It's not 10 miles I thought saying its 33 miles (actual distance) sounded to much. Anyways we hanged out a lot before and talked a lot before. My phone got cut off like a week ago. I have school an work over the weekends, so I guess that's what he meant by not talking a lot/hanging out. I know but it sounds fishy that out of no where he wants out (6 months together.. Was)

    • This isn't "Out of nowhere". You can't see or talk to him. If you can't do either of those how do you expect to have a relationship? You have no interaction at all.

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  • Something seems weird. I feel like he may have feelings for this girl since he is calling her perfect and shit on Instagram which he should not be doing when he has a girlfriend. Thats completely disrespectful. I would dump him. But that's up to you. But honestly, he told you he loves you and missed you to see what you would respond and if you would respond. Then he got frustrated it seems when you didn't reply. I would end it. He's probably flirting with this other girl. He already is by complementing her like this.

    • We're not together anymore. After him calling me childish, saying girls were waiting for him downstairs, to him saying he doesn't care, worst girlfriend. So yah and I agree with you, but yah it's done

    • Good, don't go back.

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  • weither he is going after the girl in the pics or not , you really need to move on


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  • It really doesn't matter. To me you didn't have a real relationship. How can you if you hardly talk or see each other

    • No we saw each other a lot before, but money is tight for me right now. I have bills to pay.

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    • I agree with you completely, but going from I love you so much to I want out is just fishy. It is what it is (to quote him)

    • I can see what you are saying, but i can go from hot to cold in a relationship, if i am frustrated with what is happening

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