Why is he doing this when he agreed to being friends?

So me and my boyfriend had been going out for a little over a year and we just broke up a week ago. We both decided together but he brought it up. So since then he has ignored me, tried to me jealous by walking with a girl that looks just like me but skinnier and wears sluty clothes. When we broke up we promised we would be friends and that if either one of us ever needed anything we would help each other out. why is he doing this to me?


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  • Probably seeking revenge from you.
    The guy seems very immature to me and you should cut off each and every contact with him.
    I know it's hard to do but that's the best way to move on from a situation like this.\
    Trust me, I've went through this and my ex GF of 1 year left me for her previous ex of 3 months who was very abusive and possessive.
    Do you believe in Karma?
    That's the best form of revenge.
    So, just sit back and relax :)


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  • Are you sure he's going out with her just to make you jealous? Maybe he just like her?


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  • A little tip: When you break up saying "let's remain friends, and we can call each other for help", you're kind of meaning "i don't want to let you go entirely just yet".

    Forget what you said. Suppose that you don't owe him anything and he doesn't owe you anything and behave like mere acquaintances because the moment you broke up, you are free to hang out with whoever you want and so is he. Do not analyze his moves, don't even mind him. It's going to be a difficult separation if you think that whatever he does is in relation to you, because while it might be, it's better to leave it like that and move on.


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