Girls- why did she reblock me?

We dated for 2 years and left me for another guy. They have been together for a year and we have not seen one another for over a year. Last time we talked 10 months ago, it went bad.

A month ago she unblocked my Facebook. A week ago, she randomly emailed me saying sorry for my dog who died a year ago. She already told me sorry 10 months ago. She ended up calling me and we caught up. I wrote her a message saying I don't know why she emailed me a so on. It was basically saying what do you want? I told her we can't talk because it's not fair to me. Also my a mutual friend told her not to talk to me because I may get the wrong idea. My ex said okay.

I messaged my ex asking about if she knew anyone I can talk to about donating school supplies. She read the message and blocked me... What is she doing?


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  • You told her not to talk to you - so she decided that including you in her life would just give her unnecessary drama. If you want a chance with somebody - don't tell them to ignore you.

    • Any idea how to turn this around?

    • tell her you change your mind and would live to have her as a friend and you are sorry for what you said.

  • Why don't you ask her? :P


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