Can I get someone to analyze this situation?

So my guy friend and I went out for a beer, nothing unusual. He had too much to drink (so he says), we had a few heart to hearts, and then at the end of the night after some flirting he grabs the back of my head and kisses me very passionately.

There's no denying that we've had sexual tension building up around us, but I'm a single girl and he's taken. That's enough for me to think he is a perfect best guy friend, and nothing more. I never went in to kiss him or flirted with him. It was all on his side.

The next morning we talked about it and he says this via text:
"I like us as friends I had fun hanging out just went over board I'm sorry" and "You're going to meet some hot finance guy soon anyways! #richlife"

At that point he had already apologized a dozen times and anytime I asked him why he did it, he gave me a different excuse each time. I'm just wondering did he have feelings for me, or start to develop feelings for me?

We're planning to go out soon to celebrate the end of the semester, and I want to find out what he's really feeling? Any pointers?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Drunk people do drunk people things. But even then, he's taken so that's kind of messed up.

    Whether he's developed feelings or not, I doubt it.

    • It's more messed up on his part. I cannot stop thinking about it, and it's driving me nuts.

    • Best case scenario is that it wasn't serious and he was just too drunk. I know when I get drunk I get turned on easily/every woman gets pretty attractive. Still, I would never cheat like that, drunk or not. But every guy is different.

      That's best case scenario. Worse, he could legit be trying for something on the side or what not. But if a guy would cheat on his girl, then that guy would cheat on you if you got involved. Basically, somebody that acts like a scumbag generally doesn't just stop doing so. Hopefully it was just an honest night of being way too drunk.

What Girls Said 1

  • @Anonymous Like you said, there was sexual tension between the both of you. Regardless if he had emotional feelings towards you, there was a physical connection there. Why bother trying to find out what he's really feeling? He is obviously taken and like you said, that's what makes him perfect as a guy friend. Chances are it will only make trouble for him. Leave it be or move on, you don't need a break up on your conscious.




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