Ex in new relationship hour after break up?

So last night me and the boyfriend broke up this is how it happened. I came over we watch the movie don jon and he kept saying I was acting like the g.f from the movie (controlling) and all i was doing was rolling my eyes at this player in the movie. Next thing Don the guy in the movie says p*rn is better than S*X the ex said thats soo true I said fine I won't give you head then then he was like come over here and give me head etc. but yet he just said p*rn was better than s*x? So I finally did but he was soo not into it he got on the bed and he was just complaining and saying he has a mental block why can't you be like this why can't u do it like how when we were in the car etc basically saying I'm not doing anything right I stopped and said "why are you complaining" so he said he'll just jack off.He said see ya later cuz i called him a asshole he says he had no problem jacking off at all instead of my bomb ass head.

I was leaving his mom said what are you up to I said nothing trying not to cry & unlocked the door and left. Got home I text the ex said " am I ever going to be good enough"? He said we should just call it quits its not working out I agreed but I had a feeling look at his f.b account and what do ya know in a relationship with a girl LISA WOOD from michigan he stays in north carolina like I do wtffff!!! Im angry b.c he told me his "guy friend was coming from michigan in about march and his mom met her and everything not telling me he was seeing both of us! the mom or the sister did not tell me he was cheating. I should've known he barely kissed me and she even knows his friends but she is in michigan were in N.c what do you think will happen with him next how can I cope with finding this out after a year and a half? Will the girl find out he is a total player too? Honestly she is a downgrade he did it before when we broke up last August and she's friends with his friends... Im so stupid.


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  • If that's true, he was in a relationship before you broke up

    • UHm yea its true thats exactly what happened im pissed his mom n sister didn't tell me he started another relationship while still with me I would come over all the time she can't she's in michigan.

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