I dumped him but im having trouble moving on. How does that make sense?

I dumped my ex months ago. In the beginning it was great and then I had a miscarriage. That really messed me up mentally/physically and i just wanted him to be there and support me but he wouldn't talk to me about it unless he was drunk. Then slowly he would start to slip away i would go 2 weeks at a time without seeing him and when i would ask to see him he would tell me to stop nagging him. He would say that I was his girlfriend when we were alone but when asked if we were dating he would say no. So obviously i was just a friend with benefits that he would see when it was convenient but would occasionally take out on dates? I should be happy because i realized i deserved a lot better but then why am I having trouble moving on


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  • you are having trouble moving on because despite how much you waned to end things with him , a part of you still loved him. its sounds stupid but that is how it is. you just need to be strong , you will be fine


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  • its good for you to move on..but your ex was pissed of because of that miscarriage

    • What do you mean?

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    • dont speak for all men. because i would never be pissed at my gf if she had a miscarriage. i would be there for her no matter what

    • i'm not generalizing

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