Guys: if you had a choice between two girls, you chose one, and then realized you chose the wrong one, would you go after the right one?


What if you had the potential to date 2 different girls. One you had just started to get to know and really liked, and the other was an ex girlfriend of a long term relationship. What if you chose the ex gf...but a few months or a year later you realized that it wasn't working, it was the wrong thing to do and you broke up. Would you go after the first girl you let get away? Would you go after her even if she lived in a different state, and you hadn't talked to her in a long time?


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  • Good question and something I that happened to me in the past. The issue is time. Too long of time between the meeting of the "right one" may be an issue; she could have already been in a relationship or she may reject you because you hurt her by rejecting her in the beginning. As for a different state, it depends. If it's a neighboring state, it would be easy but if it's across the nation it would be difficult at best.


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  • Not if she lived in another state, it's hard to keep a long term relationship alive but starting a long distance relationship over what, text? No way I would just break up with the first girl and try and move on

  • if she lived in another state i likely won't go after her


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