Does a husband think his wife is stupid for staying after he cheats or has an affair?

He’s going to think your a door mat so that he can continue on with his bad behavior and you'll stay no matter what. Do men think their wives are stupid when they stay after infidelity? Why or Why Not?


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  • He would only be thinking that if he still has plans to cheat again.If he realizes that he was tempted into making a foolish mistake, he wouldn't be thinking that.


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  • I don't think they automatically think they are stupid. I think it depends on the guy and the marriage. You can't generalise all such things, just as you can't point one finger at one thing and say "THIS IS WHY MEN CHEAT"

    The reasons are many and varied.

  • He may, but I really think that people who cheat are really solely focused on themselves. He's not thinking about what his wife is feeling or how 'stupid' she is or isn't. He's thinking about the fun he is having and not the consequences.


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