Me and my ex work together..I feel a little uncomfortable?

Me and my ex went out for 5 months, we had a bad relationship mostly because he would rarely speak to me, he would ignore me and cancel our meet ups. Anyway, I broke up with him but we remained friends for a bit because of work, we kept getting back together and breaking up anyway, I decided that enough was enough, and that we should break up completely because we should both move on. He agreed then proceeded to put up a photo of another girl? I asked him who she was and he said she's just a friend. Anyway, I told him to not speak to me again, and at work we just didn't talk (the past 3 weeks), apart from work related things. Then this week he started talking to me, like he asked how I was and i said i was doing well and everything and I asked about himself and he said that his life is the same.. boring. Nothing new he's stuck in the same place. So i just said okay.. anyway, a little later he made a bit deal out of having his break at 3 because he needed to call somebody.. I just said'okay have your break then' I didn't even ask him! He just told me that he was having his break then to phone someone.. then later we spoke about what he's doing that night and he said he's renting a penthouse with his friends and there's going to be loads of girls - i got the feeling he was trying to make me jealous so i just said okay cool have fun and carried on with my job, then i said goodbye to him and left. We have not spoken since.. I dont understand why he's acting weird telling me all these details about his life which i dont care for? He treated me really badly and I feel like he's just trying to rub it in my face that he's 'moving on'.
What do you think? I dont really want to speak to him apart from work related if all he is going to do is try and make me jealous..


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  • I think if you continue to associate with then it would seem like you were a glutton for agony.

    It seems like he wants attention from you and probably to know that you like him and he can make you jealous. But he's giving nothing back and really only doing things to stress you out.

    I would, as you said, only talk about work related stuff. Literally only work related stuff. Maybe the occasional small chat, "how are you?" but that would be it. I wouldn't want to know what he does, who he's doing it with, or anything to show that you can be lured into his web.


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  • You were in troubled relationship in the past and heart can not forgot the past. If reason of breakup was good enough, and you can afford to change the job, go for it. Your heart will remember bitter things when ever you will see him or somebody will talk about him. Follow your heart and inner voice.


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  • You shouldn't talk to him at all. It doesn't seem healthy and the fact that you work together is rough because it puts you in a hole being that you most likely have to speak with him.


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