Ex is messing with my head? Yes or no?

I just asked someone why did my ex try and kiss me after breaking up with me and he said he is messing with my head. Do you agree? Why do guys do this? Is it really a mean desire? An ego trip? (I was crying during break up FYI )


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  • I don't think he's intentionally messing with your head but his actions did have the result of messing with your head.

    I think we need a bit more information. What kind of kiss? what were the circumstances that led to it?

    without knowing that stuff I'd imagine he was just looking for affection. it sounds like you should avoid your ex like the plague...unless you want to be kissed by him

    • No it's cool. I think I got enough of encouragement here to just let it go. I'm moving on. Thank you again.

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  • yeah he was messing with your head because you pissed him off. very low of him to do that to such a nice girl

    • Thanks. I'm not going to contact him though cuz he broke my heart and isn't who I thought he was. How dare he be so mean to me when I was down for him.

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    • Mmm..I'll send you a message lol you should be able to see my profile

    • thank you for the message

  • What type of kiss and is it definitely over?

    • French. Yea it's over or at least I'm not chasing him. I doubt he'll contact me even if he regrets because he knows he'll look silly.

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    • Sounds like you did the right thing. Best of luck luv.

    • Thank you

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