Please help me understand what she is playing at?

So I block her then after a month i unblock her and send a massive apology and try and talk to her, she's nice but doesn't really say much to me so I leave it then 2 weeks later she adds me and says it's not as if we hate each other so might as well add you so I was like yeah ok and accepted! But when I tried to talk to her, her response was alway short and she never really talked much, I answer her last question then I get no reply! So after 2 days I thought fuck this and removed her from my friends list a few days later she sends me a massive rant for me to never contact her again and she has no interest in me or my life then blocks me for 8 months!! She FINALLY unblocks me so I block her right away! This was a week ago. I saw on her profile she's now become a Christian and all she does is update bible verses which is so not her because she was so well educated and LOVED science, but a mutual friend put up a pic of me hold her baby and she liked it! What is she playing at?
I'm a guy this is my sisters account


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  • This is no less confusing for anyone reading this then it is for you, sorry.

    • Mate I'm losing it trying to figure out this chicks deal

    • No matter who you ask, there won't be anyone who can make sense of this haha, this is the most confusing I've seen on here I think.

      Like she suddenly turns religious?

    • Yeah she's a full on Chriatian, going to Church every Sunday and talking about Jesus. Before (when I knew her) she was very scientific. It's weird

  • Three cheers for social media...


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