Giving dating advice to your ex boyfriend. Good idea, or bad?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about two weeks ago or so. Tonight he text me and asked for dating advice. We haven't talked since we broke up, and he randomly asks for dating advice. I gave him advice to avoid further confrontation. He said thanked me for it and I welcomed him for it. I just completely ignored the situation afterwards and went on with my night. Why is he randomly asking me for advice on his new relationship? What does this mean? I thought I was completely over him, and at first I was just happy we were being civil with each other. Now I realized I do still sorta miss him and have feelings for him. What should I do if he texts me again about this? What should I say? Thank you in advance for your advice! I truly appreciate it. (:


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  • do you think he might be asking for that advice to get you to fall for him again? men have tried all sorts of things to win back their exes


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