How many times would you go back to the same girl?

How many times would you go back to the same girl before things got old and you decided to call it quits


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  • If she hasn't cheated twiced

    • No cheating just arguments. Her taking you back count as one or only when you take get back?

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    • Its my opioin doesn't mean its right

    • All I wanted lol

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  • What do you mean by "going back"? Why did I leave in this scenario?

    • You found yourself in love and she said something that made you feel as though she was using you only for sex, got upset and stopped speaking to her

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    • Some time? How much time lol
      How long would you not speak to her

    • Oh I thought she was not speaking to me. I would give her a call daily. Cause if I love her I'd at least want to leave a voicemail telling her to have a good day etc. so if she'd talk to me and apologize if she did something wrong we could start to work on our relationship immediately.

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  • If your thinking about things getting old hand this isn't a genuine relationship and you're just playing with her mind. You have to treat her as you want to be treated. If it is a continuing of break up and make up then I would just let it go because it's going to get boring and the longer you have her going back and fourth, the more confused she becomes.

    • Not me. It's happening to me I guess, but it's a long story and I want to be with him now that the times finally right but not speaking to me

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    • Longing for doesn't mean it's impossible. I've been in this same situation about a 2 years ago, and trust me.. Letting go, will be the best thing you've ever done. When I let go of my ex, about 6 months later I met a guy and he's now the love of my life.

    • Only been a month lol but I'm hopeful

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