My ex boyfriend and I decided to work things out, but he's now starting to doubt my love for him?

My ex boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, 7 months ago he decided to leave me after I lied to him. During our long and hard breakup, we never fully let go of each other, but met new people to occupy our time apart. I started dating a guy that showed me a lot of interest and distracted me from being depressed without my ex. Later down the road, my ex and I decided that we still love each other and could not move on from one another. I ended things with the new guy and focused on my ex. He's a bit insecure and tends to feel as if he comes in second place after realizes someone had won me over at some point. How do I resolve this by proving to him that he's the man I love and want without pushing things while were slowly working on us?


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  • I would say talking about it open and honestly. Tell him you love him, why you decided to give it another shot. Be honest about your needs, what you really want from him and what you really love about him. Ask him for the same about you. The hard part is over, you're back together.

  • you did:
    -lie to him
    -started dating another guy.
    im not even convinced myself why you wouldn't move to the next big fish..


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