My mom knows my dad has cheated on can I help her?

My dad finally told my mom the truth about his cheating. It has been three days I believe. She barely talks and when she does her voice cracks but she tries to be strong for us (her children). She doesn't really eat. She has the curtains closed so that it still looks like night. I am really worried about her. We are homeschooled and she doesn't wake us up anymore. She hasn't asked about my schoolwork since either. I am kinda scared to be honest. We are supposed to be going to a Mother's Day function on Sunday. She is trying but i don't think she will be ready. What should I do? What can I do to help her heal?


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  • Just be there for your mom, give her hugs more often, sit next to her on the sofa, and hold her hand once in awhile if your in the car with her. Sometimes just those small things go a long way, it will let her know you understand and you love her. But you don't want to take sides, I know this may be hard but, your parents relationship is between them and the one you have with each of them is yours. Sometimes we dont understand why people do the things they do to each other, but both your parents need to know that no matter what's going on between them, you love them both. I wish you the best, I know this is very hard on you and your family, please check back in and let us know how you all are doing. I'm here if you ever never need someone to talk to. Take Care. ~ Kittybell

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  • She shouldn't take it so seriously. I didn't. I think she took him for granted, that's why she is experiencing what she is now. Although the circumstances could have been much worse.

  • it would be difficult to heal (maybe with time) always here for her..never let her alone


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