My girlfriend broke up with me because her mom made her swear to lord shiva a Hindu god?

So my girlfriend mother made her swear to lord shiva not to talk to me any more but she text me and I still text her. She stop saying she loves me when I say it and she says she can't be with me and I told her that her god will forgive her it's love. But she said i don't understand. I told her id wait for her to be 18 and all she said was you'll get tired of us. And no I won't I love her why would I? Help please I don't know how to get her to stay with me and get her to see that all gods forgive even the great is sins! I'm really broken up about it can't eat sleep or even thing straight she stole my heart no girls even done that.


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  • I don't know about that religion... But seriously... What your asking asking and wanting is for her to put you above her faith and that's not ok on any level. I'm sorry. Best I can say is move on until she gets out from under her mom and see if she changed her mind or faith. Good luck.

    • So you're saying, if a suicide bomber had to choose between blowing himself up for her faith, or choosing someone who thinks more rationall, that she should blow herself up?

    • Not saying she should, but realistically she would. She doesn't just believe and then go on with her day like most people. From what your saying she lives everyday for her God and takes it very seriously. You can not change a person who cares that deeply for their faith.

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  • Shiva is the destroyer god not the forgiver. She will get killed by Shiva if she talks to you.

    • She still talk to me tho?

    • Go here bro lord shiva forgives all. “They are praising Lord Shiva,” he replied. “These are verses from the scriptures about Lord Shiva’s greatness and kindness. Lord Shiva forgives each and every person on earth. There is nobody whom Lord Shiva does not forgive.” This is the story of lord shiva

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  • its not cool to use religion to separate sucks


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  • Shiva is aspect of destruction, not a forgiver. Show some respect, as you don't understand. Educate yourself, make distance between you two and try when your older.

  • well, be glad you got rid of that heathen :)
    get yourself a better gal.

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