Movies with ex help me is this a date?

Alright, my ex and I dated for a few months at the beginning of the year. Everything was great and we were both happy. But things died a natural death after we both got busy and started talking less and less to not talking at all. He got a girlfriend and I had a quick fling with someone else. The relationships on both of our sides have ended. Last week he saw me, and we hung out for about an hour. And surprisingly things werent awkward. He ended up apologizing for whatever happened between us, and that he honestly doesn't know what happened. He started texting me a little bit again for the next week, and I asked if he wanted to go catch a movie this weekend. To which he said "yeah!" There honestly wasn't any reason for us to split up in the first place ( no fighting or cheating) Would this be considered a date?


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  • In a situation such as this one, being you are split up, and are just 'hanging loose' for the moment, I wouldn't call this a 'date.' I think you both are past this 'date mate' deal, and it's Now just two 'Friends,' missing one another's company, not over thinking anything, just playing it by ear, dear...
    And who knows...Perhaps if there 'wasn't any reason for you both to split,' with a bit more open lines of communication, Plus a few lessons learned from before, you both just might find yourselves Hooking up again.
    Go slow, nurture and nurse what you have again. See where ol' Mother Nature takes you from here.
    Good luck.xx


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