What does the "No contact rule" do to your ex?

I know on your end you're supposed to get fit, live life, etc. but what does it do to them?


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  • It causes them to become bitter, hate you, and fall apart. Then put themselves back together and still hate you.

    • what if they broke up with you?

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    • Can't force these things. Time takes its toll in it's own ways. You can only control you from here on out.

    • thanks, you've been very encouraging/helpful

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  • depends on if they have another prospect in mind.
    in my experience i was with my ex for 6 or so years and i broke up with him, i thought if i cut all contact and got fit and just did me he would come crawling back. not the case, guys get over girls way faster then girls do, especially if they can get girls easily.

    my ex and i ended up talking 2 years later. and guess what... he was still the same douche bag.they are an ex for a reason, dont forget that because people dont change.

    • we were HS sweethearts and survived a year outside of HS (he's a senior this year and I'm a freshman in college) I know I'm kinda biased but I asked my friends to be totally honest and they said that he would have a hard time picking up girls or finding one to stick because he has a lot of baggage and in the past 6 years the longest time we have gone without each other (on a 'break') was 90 days. and even before we were together we were best friends for years and I kinda cannot see my life without him and he told me he'd want me to be apart of his life once this"chapter" closes (his parents got their 2nd divorce from each other and he doesn't believe he can love or commit again)

    • then i believe you two can make it work. stay friends with him but do NOT smother him. if a man wants you he will make it happen so let him know you are going to be there for him; but also still be your sexy single self; he needs to know what he's missing in the mean time

    • thanks :) it's just hard to start summer off this way

  • I have never said this to anyone. But I have not said "contact me whenever you want " either. To me words don't work in situations like this.
    I made it clear we are done. There is no need to give any hope if you don't feel anything anymore.
    For both parts, it is important not to contact for a while because after breakup everyone is quite vulnerable. We can almost understand everything wrong, let the feelings calm down. And move on, that is why we break up.

  • Let's him forget about me.


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