Lovers, Friends now nothing. She said its "too Complicated" but i still love her.?

After dating for 2 ½ years the girl I loved and still do broke it off. We stayed really close friends for about 6 month’s. Hanging out all the time, doing couple things. We had Christmas dinner together, swapped presents; I even went to her parents on Boxing Day. Whilst I was away at uni she admitted it was as if we had never broken up and we had a better relationship as the pressure had been removed, but on a couple of occasions she admitted she still had feelings for me and loved me still. I always said, I still love you too, I am still here for you and am not going away. Anyway, one time she got very upset, saying she felt guilty as she through she was stringing me along, and wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. To which I replied, that’s fine I am happy to wait, and you don’t need to feel guilty, she got upset and asked for a hug. About 3 weeks after this my gran died, I came back from uni to be with family, and she offed support etc. We met the day after the funeral, not the best plan, and I got upset about gran and us. Before I left her I said I still had feeling for her, to which she replied “I hold you in very deep regard too” (a film reference). A week later in a moment of madness I sent an email apologising, but also that I wanted her to feel right in going back into a relationship with me not feel forced into it by me, and load of other stuff. It didn’t go down well, she asked me not to contact her for the rest of the evening. 2 weeks go by, and she emails, we can't e friends anymore, it wasn’t working for her. After a month I am back from uni, and I go to her house and try to speak to her, she doesn’t want to talk and said it was just “too complicated”, I told her I forgave her but the email was a result of grans death. I still love her; I find it hard to believe she jumped from still loving about me to not wanting anything to do with me. I realise I wasn’t my self for a while around her, and I brought up relationships when she said she wasn’t ready.
She also admitted the break up was an accident, she just blurted it out


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  • I'm sorry but it seems like she is just stringing you along... She knows what a relationship will be like with you and if she'd want to be in one with you, she would. It sounds like she is stringing you along. My advice, let her go. Waiting for her is romantic and all, but this isn't the movies or tv. Sorry mate, good luck to you!


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