Why does he still try to contact me if he's moved on?

I was with my ex for 8 months and it was the longest relationship either of us had before. When we broke up he told me he's still in love with me and regrets ending it. But I made it clear that I didn't want to speak again because he treated me so rubbish before and after us breaking up so he didn't deserve me in his life.

Since then, he still goes out of his way to look at my profiles - he accidentally liked posts on my instagram, sends me snapchats at least twice a week, texted me and when we are at the same club he's always staring at me - my friends and his friends even picked up on this.

The thing is he has recently moved on, when I was out on Friday he was with his new girl in the same spot me and my friends always go to and he always used to stand at least at a different side of the room. When I was sitting down with my friends he moved and stood opposite me kissing the girl, it's like why go out of your way to shove it infront of my face. If he's moved on why go to all that trouble?


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  • It sounds like he was trying hard to get your attention so maybe you'd give him another chance, but he is running out of options and about to give up.


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  • he;s so definetly not movied on..he is trying to make u jjealous..guys do this all the time..u just have to change ur perspective.. i mean just look at it this way..he tried so hard before to tell u that he still missed you and liked u still..but it wasn't working for u guys..so he found a girl with whom he could make you jealous and that was a pretty smart move bringing that girl where u guys normally go lol. but the thing is if u still have some space in ur heart for him..although he treated u badly he deserves a second chance and is he willing to do better this time and if u slightly like him still u should give it go..dont make him wait so long that he moves on completely..if u still slightly like him and was getting jealous by looking at them both then give him some sort of a signal thta ur still interested in him.hope it works out for you :) lemme know how it goes :) good luck

    • and he;s going out of his way to make u notice him and believe him he sounds like a sweet guy and well people grow so do what u feel best :)

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