My ex-girlfriend is not over me yet but I am not 100% sure about this. How can I find out and what can I do to win her back?

We were together for 6 months but broke up following series of arguments. She was insecure and controlling while I should have been more firmer. A lot of things were said after we broke up. I asked for another try but she didn't want that. So we went non contact and got on with our lives.

I bumped into her at a house party last night with her new date (2 months after we broke up) . He seems like a nice guy. I was hurt but went over there and said hello to both of them and left them alone.

My ex could not believe how much I changed physically (all that time in the gym).

Today I was told by our common female friend that she was using that guy to help her get over me and she realized that it was a bad decision. I saw her in the park this evening and she came and talk to me for about 15 mins (while the new guy was around and waiting which I felt bad for). I kept it light, joking a lot and we were then chatting like old times. I then told her to go back to her date.

I now know that she is not over me. She said see you soon about 3 times before she left. It was nice talking to her and we were like in our good times (no aggro or stress like the last month of the relationship.

I still love her so I want to see how long I should wait before contacting her again and maybe ask for a coffee etc.Of course if she got a new boyfriend I wouldn't, t be doing this.

What is the best way to approach and ask my ex? How will I be able to tell that she still got feelings for me (instead of what my friends told me) I don't want to look too desperate or like I am still in love with her etc..

Thank you


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  • To be honest, if you guys were arguing a lot during the last relationship than who is to say it won't happen again? I think you should stay friends. Consider yourself lucky you got into contact with her again. This is similar to my situation with my ex except he doesn't live near me so I wouldn't be able to just randomly bump into him. We haven't talked since we broke up 2 weeks ago. I think right now you should just wait it out maybe until she contacts you, and if that's too long than maybe in a few days or so try to message her. Ask her how she is. If you know she is still with that guy, don't try to interfere and break them up. Thats wrong and I'm sure you wouldn't like it done to you.


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