Guy:why would you go out with a girl just so she could be your ego boost?

Like you go out with a girl but you do stuff behind her back with other girls like our playing them so why do you guys do this to us girls? My ex bf did this to me.


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  • In my experience, girls tend to like guys more that already have girlfriends. It shows that at least one of their kind has deemed the guy alright, and it also gives women the ability to boost their self-esteem; if they can "steal" another woman's man, it makes them feel "better" than that woman.

    The result is that some guys will start out with a girl they don't really like all that much, with the sole intention of using them for this purpose. The girl is really only there as a crutch until a more permanent solution can be found. In other words, an upgrade.

    This system works surprisingly well, which is part of why you often see the dumbest thug type guys with really attractive women. They didn't start out with a nine; they started out with a five and worked their way up.

    Sad, but true.

    • Well my ex boyfriend and I dated for 4 months and I dumped him and then it turned out my ex boyfriend Cameron is cousins with my ex jay who I'm talking about now and he has pictures of me on his laptop and iPod of me off Facebook he always talked about me until recently when he had a girlfriend but there not together anymore. Jay did ask me out but Cameron forgot to ask me and I ask Cameron to ask jay out for me and jay says maybe.

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  • I would go out with a girl just so she could be my ego boost... just so she could be my ego boost. Your question literally answered itself.


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