Do you keep in touch with your exes? Aren't your girlfriend/boyfriend jealous? I have an issue with it and I HATE Facebook!?

So, my boyfriend still talks with his ex girlfriend (of two years ago). It doesn't always happen, but sometimes he does. It's just some friendly chats, so I shouldn't have a problem with it. The thing is that even if I know he loves me and not her I feel very jealous. He still keeps some of their pictures together on Fb and has liked some of her photos. Most the time she's always there liking his posts/pictures etc. She even once contacted him and asked "what were the things that made him like her when they were together" some months ago and he answered (they only talk through Fb and live far apart).
Is it normal that it bothers me so much? I don't wanna be the jealous girl, but sometimes I feel like even he is trying to make me jealous and I hate it when he does it (like mentioning her sometimes... I would never ever do it to him).
I always thought that it was normal to people after they broke up to just erase eachother from their life and not like eachothers pictures on Fb... like wth?

I tried talking to him but he just won't listen and joke about it.


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  • It is normal that it bothers you and the jealousy itself is normal and even healthy. It shows possessiveness and dedication to a cause. Regardless some couples were friends prior and that friendship persisted after simply on the grounds that it's easy to create a persistent friendship with the use of social media. Odds are if he didn't use FB for 6 months it would fall apart.

    • So should I do something or leave it be?

    • Depends on if you like confrontation or not. Since you don't like happening you could just suggest (demand) that there be an open policy about messages with temporary audits. Sounds horrible but to be fair since you already know what she's asked him somehow whether by his word or whatever you already do it at least in part. The second option is to just block it off the home router and leave it as a "phone only" type deal.

      Other than that there's nothing you can do to treat jealousy through restrictive means. You will just have to come to terms with your emotions and have faith in him. I recommend this option the most, of course.

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  • Yes I do, and so does my boyfriend. I basically have a "trust until he gives me a reason not to" policy.


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  • You cannot control another person's actions. You can control how much of their actions you are willing to tolerate.

    • So you're telling me that I can't ask him to stop but I can leave him if I can't stand what he does?

    • Pretty much. I don't think he's doing anything that abnormal, but you've voiced your opposition to it, and he still continues.

  • jealousy is a natural feeling. it's a sign that you have feelings for him and are afraid to lose him. but you don't want to be consumed by jealousy. I think that as long as he seems to keep their relationship on the straight and narrow you should try and be cool.

    however it is fair to hope and ask that he not talk about the ex very often, if at all

  • It is normal to cut them out. He just likes having control over you.

    • So egoistic of him if it's so.

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  • No i dont, the only reason you still have contact with an ex, if there are children involved


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