Why would a guy treat a girl badly then ignore her?

So me and my ex work together and we went out for 5 months, we broke up because we both agreed it wasn't working (I felt neglected - he would turn up late and stand me up) ANYWAY, we were friends afterwards and it was good. Then he started doing things purposely to make me jealous, like he would put up photos of other girls when we were speaking, or talk about how he's going out to a party with loads of girls (i didn't ask him, he just told me - like boasting about it) He did these things after asking me how I was, and I told him everything with me was great :D.
Now he literally ignores me at work, he doesn't talk at all. He doesn't even say hello or goodbye. His brother came in the other day and his brother was so polite to me, and my ex just stood there and ignored me, his brother said goodbye to me, my ex didn't - he just walked out.
My ex doesn't look at me, he doesn't talk to me, and he treats me like im really dumb when he does talk to me, like he got me into trouble with a customer on purpose.
Why is he being like this? All I do is act happy and do my job.. he's the one who didn't want me, so why is he trying to make me jealous then just not speaking to me?
I dont understand..
I haven't texted or called him either, we haven't spoken at all for the past month.

Please help?


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  • i´d say he just is an asshole but there has to be something unspoken between you. did you try asking him about it?


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  • He is Rejecting his decision and trying to make you jealous Is not So smooth that guy needs new skills


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